Not only is detoxing and cleansing your system good for your health, it should be part of your health regime from time to time. Read my article on the importance of detoxing for your body and well-being.

In this detox energy smoothie recipe, you get the benefits of the cleansing effects of detox as well as a boost of energy without the associated feeling of being hungry and weak when detoxing. It is power packed with efficient and nutritious grains such as flax seeds, chai seeds, hemp hearts and colon cleansing and antioxidant packed coconut vinegar. This has become a staple in my smoothies and drinks recently. 

This super food has been reported to be of benefit to diabetic patients because of a very low 35 scaled glycemic index. Meaning it will not raise your blood sugar level compared to other foods with higher glycemic index. I have particularly liked the flavor of the coconut vinegar from BetterBody Foods because of how it brings out the flavor in my other ingredients. It contains among many others, a high amount of potassium, iron and copper. The high potassium content gives you the benefit of controlling high blood pressure.  Iron is essential for the manufacture of red blood cells for maintenance and supply of oxygen and energy to your body organs. High copper content also means that there will be efficient absorption of iron into your blood stream. This is one kitchen staple that you should never run out of. I usually buy mine on sale just so I can stock up for a good deal.



2 Tbs hemp hearts

2 Tbs Flax seeds

2 Tbs chia seeds

1 Tbs lemon juice

1 Tbs lime juice

2 tsp. coconut vinegar

1/2 cup spinach-chopped

1 cup kale-chopped

1/2 cup mixed berries-frozen

1/2 cup beets, frozen

1/4 cup cucumber-frozen

1/8 cup vanilla whey protein

1 cup coconut water



  • Prep | 10mins
  • Ready in | 5 mins
  • Duration | store the rest in a freezer and re-blend if not going to be enjoyed immediately 



Chop kale and spinach if using fresh and non-frozen ones.

Measure out all seeds, coconut vinegar. Juice lemon and lime

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend to a desired texture. For a smoother blend, first blend all seeds and berries to smother texture and add on other ingredients.

Frozen ingredients are enough to make a cold smoothie. Add extra ice if desired.  



Disclaimer: Nothing in this article is set to replace the advice and counseling of your medical doctor nor is this a medical advice. As always, consult your physician before using any products that may impact your health.


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  1. Interesting! I haven’t come across coconut vinegar before. I normally use ACV. I’m gonna give this a try! Thanks

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